Our culinary tradition is based on using healthy ingredients and organic products, always respecting the basic principles of the Mediterranean diet.
To ensure authenticity and taste, most of what we offer our guests is produced on the farm. We grow vegetables and fruit that we use for the creation of jams and marmalades – among which the most praised lemon – while eggplant, mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes are among Maria’s specialties.

From the pressing of our olives we get a delicate and fragrant extra virgin oil and from our grapes we produce a high quality wine.

We also raise rabbits, poultry and pigs. Our cold cuts, accompanied by goat cheese, are included with meals, as is a taste of our homemade liqueurs, limoncello, fennel and “concerto”.
Extra virgin olive oil, wine, lemon, jams and vegetables can be purchased.

Vincenzo, “a day without my wine is like a day without sunshine.”