Do you know the country where the lemon trees blossom? ( J.W. Goethe)

Covering an area of 2,500 square meters with more than 150 plants, the lemon grove represents the true essence of Agriturismo Villa Maria you will be enchanted by the vast expanse of lemons that surround the rooms and the restaurant.

Vincenzo tells his guests how he associates to the cultivation of lemons, passed down for four generations, with tourism. Also, he is active in the Consorzio for the protection of the “Lemon IGP Amalfi Coast”.

The terraced lemon groves along the coastline are characterized by wooden chestnut pergolas and bordered by stone walls, the so-called “macere”. In colder periods lemons are covered with black nets to protect the fruit from frost.

The typical lemon of the Amalfi coast, known as Sfusato amalfitano for its tapered shape, possesses healthy properties. It is used in many local foods and drinks.

Come and visit our “infinity” terrace overlooking the turquoise sea.